Spring Music Concert Series

The Spring Music Concerts are an opportunity for our music students to showcase their progress and perform for their families. The annual Spring Music Concert Series took place from April 15th through April 25th. From preschool to high school, it was a wonderful showcase of our students’ progress, the fruits of their hard work, and the ownership, responsibility, courage, character, and respect they displayed on- and off-stage. Thank you to Yirka Ledon, Music Department Head, and our extraordinary music faculty, for their hard work, talent, and dedication to our students!

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Visual Arts Show

Congratulations to Ms. Karina Vazquez, Visual Arts Department Head, for her endless creativity, vision, and dedication to her students. Each year, the art show surpasses all expectations and continues to grow mejor, mejor, y mejor.  Her guidance, attention to detail, mentorship, and enthusiasm are passed on to each one of her students and inspires our children to be true artists! Thank you to Ms. Yero, Visual Arts Aide, and to all of the teachers who helped prepare the exhibit! Congratulations to all of the students who had pieces in the exhibit, and especially the Junior and Senior Art Masteries and…

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Segovia Ballet Español Performs with Florida Chamber Orchestra

A Musical Journey, presented by Miami-Dade County Auditorium, Florida Chamber Orchestra, and the Hispanic American Lyric Theater, featuring CEC’s Segovia Ballet Español, will feature music from USA, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Sunday, April 21, 20245:00 p.m.Purchase Tickets

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For 87 years, Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts (CEC) has maintained their commitment to the development of young artists. CEC offers students exceptional technical and artistic training within a nurturing environment that allows them to develop into human beings with a deep understanding, appreciation, and respect for the Arts. Enrollment is open to the community and not limited to students from the Academy. Classes are also available for professionals and adults.