The Dance faculty at CEC aims to create a positive environment for aspiring dancers to gain confidence and intrinsic motivation in meeting the cognitive and physical challenges of this art form. Through the acquisition and building of physical strength, solid technique, and creativity, a respect and love for this art form is nurtured in the young dancer, creating a dedicated and sincere artist.

Unlike an academic setting, students enrolled in dance disciplines in an arts’ conservatory often remain in a level for more than one year. It is of utmost importance that our students are promoted at a pace that is appropriate for his/her level of proficiency in the given discipline. This is determined by elements such as physical strength, developmental maturity, and demonstration of the necessary knowledge base for promotion.


The Ballet department offers a sequential program geared toward the acquisition of classical technique and vocabulary, with a strong emphasis on body placement, coordination, and overall movement…

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Spanish Dance

The objective of the Spanish Dance program is to teach the four disciplines which comprise Spanish dance: Folklore, Flamenco, Classical Spanish, and Escuela Bolera. Through exposure to the dance forms of Spain…

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Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical classes are by invitation only and are geared toward the older and emotionally developing student. There are 3 levels: Junior Lyrical, Senior Lyrical, and Contemporary…

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Tap, along with Jazz, is a truly American art form. Tap can trace its roots to African Dance, Irish Step Dance, and even to Flamenco. In this dance form, students acutely develop…

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an urban form of dance that focuses on stylish, high energy, self-expressive, and “swagged out” movement. This popular style of dance pushes students to become the best dancers they can be…

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Cuban Dance

The objective of the Cuban dance class is to teach students the fundamentals of the different dance forms and rhythms that stem from Cuba. Students are exposed to various rhythms, partnering techniques, and dance steps…

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For 87 years, Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts (CEC) has maintained their commitment to the development of young artists. CEC offers students exceptional technical and artistic training within a nurturing environment that allows them to develop into human beings with a deep understanding, appreciation, and respect for the Arts. Enrollment is open to the community and not limited to students from the Academy. Classes are also available for professionals and adults.