Conchita Legacy Concert

As part of our 90th Anniversary celebrations, the Conservatory Music Department presented the Conchita Legacy Concert. The Legacy Concert featured our Conservatory music faculty, as well as select Conservatory music students. Our community is blessed to count on incredibly talented and celebrated artists as part of our faculty. Not only was the Legacy Concert an opportunity for our students to experience a beautiful music concert, but it acquired new meaning for students to have the ability to see their teachers perform onstage.

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Spanish Dance Department at Jornadas Español Excelente

The Spanish dance department was honored to open the Jornadas Español Excelente Conference for Spanish language educators presented by Universidad de Salamanca and Edinumen at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. The conference brought together global leaders in Spanish education, including the Consejería de Educación de España, AATSP, Center for Applied Linguistics, and the Miami Trade Commission. The performance, featuring upper and high school Spanish dancers, included classical Spanish dance and flamenco, demonstrating how Spanish education is not limited to the traditional classroom, but that language and culture can be transmitted at a high level and integrated in many…

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Congratulations to Ismael Salcedo, CEA & CEC class of 2016

Congratulations to Ismael Salcedo, CEA class of 2016, for his extraordinary performance in Cantinflas. Ismael, who currently attends New World School of the Arts College Division for theatre, wrote, directed, and starred in Cantinflas this December at the New World School of the Arts One Festival. The One Festival is comprised of original 15-minute plays, written, acted, and directed by college theatre seniors, under the guidance of the Dean of Theatre and other faculty members. This performance, a required project for graduation, marks the culmination of students’ artistic training at NWSA. The monologues, critiqued and evaluated by faculty, also…

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Music in Central Park

Thursday, December 15th Our Music Department’s holiday celebration featuring musical performances by the Junior and Senior Music Ensembles and select Conservatory music students. Our Music Department’s holiday celebration featuring musical performances by the Junior and Senior Music Ensembles and select Conservatory music students. Thank you to our incredible faculty, who dedicate their time and hearts to ensuring our students are growing as musicians and excellent human beings who appreciate and cultivate the importance of music in their lives. Thank you to our Music Department Head, Yirka Ledon, and to the faculty who participated in the performance: Ibette Acosta (piano),…

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Dance in Central Park

Tuesday, December 20th Our Dance Departments’ holiday celebration in the CEA Central Park. Performances will include Cuban dance I, II, and III and Spanish dancers in Sevilla Spanish dance through Segovia Spanish dance (2nd – 8th grades).

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Spanish Dance Department Represents Spain at Spanish Education Conference

On Monday, September 26th, the Spanish dance department was invited to be the official representatives of Spanish culture at the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain ‘s Spanish Educators’ Conference, held at Florida International University. Thank you to the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain for the invitation to represent Spanish culture at your professional development conference, “Spanish Culture and Methodological Application in the Classroom.” It was an honor and a pleasure for us to showcase the various discipline of Spanish dance as part of this program! Nuestro más sincero agradecimiento a la Agregaduría de Educación de…

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Catalina Vigil attends Summer Dance Intensive in Terrassa Barcelona

Based on her participation in the Dance Open America International Video Preselection, Rodolfo Castellanos, Artistic Director of Programa D’Alt Rendiment en Dansa, awarded Catalina Vigil a scholarship to attend their 2022 Summer Dance Intensive in Terrassa Barcelona on scholarship this past summer. Catalina, currently a CEC dance student in the high school program, had a wonderful experience! Congratulations Catalina!

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Segovia Ballet Español Performance with Florida Chamber Orchestra

On Sunday, October 9, 2022, the Florida Chamber Orchestra, directed by Maestro Marlene Urbay, presented Spanish Extravaganza, a concert honoring the music and culture of Spain. The program was a selection of the most famous Spanish and Cuban Zarzuelas of all time. These renowned pieces will be interpreted by the Florida Chamber Orchestra, composed of thirty musicians under the baton of Maestro Marlene Urbay. Maestro Urbay has invited the Conservatory Spanish dance department to perform alongside FCO and the Coro Orfeón Complutense of the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. It is an honor for our dancers in Malaga, Segovia, and Advanced Spanish…

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Music Department News

After 26 years, Maestro Marlene Urbay will retire from her position as Conservatory Music Department Head. Maestro Urbay joined the CEA Faculty in 1996. In these 26 years, Maestro Urbay built upon and expanded Conchita’s vision of the music department and the possibilities of what it could achieve. Through her leadership, today the music department benefits from having twelve piano teachers and multiple string, wind, percussion, brass, and voice teachers. The CEA band grew into the CEA Orchestra, and our students have benefitted from playing in multiple venues, as well as singing and performing alongside the Florida Chamber Orchestra…

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For 87 years, Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts (CEC) has maintained their commitment to the development of young artists. CEC offers students exceptional technical and artistic training within a nurturing environment that allows them to develop into human beings with a deep understanding, appreciation, and respect for the Arts. Enrollment is open to the community and not limited to students from the Academy. Classes are also available for professionals and adults.