Spring Music Concert Series

The Spring Music Concerts are an opportunity for our music students to showcase their progress and perform for their families. The annual Spring Music Concert Series will take place from April 15th through April 25th.

All concerts will be in the Rosita Segovia Theatre at 5:30 p.m.

Below are the concert dates by teacher:

Tuesday, April 16th – Students of Ibette Acosta (piano), Iliana Raymat (piano/saxophone), and Conrado Garcia (percussion)

Wednesday, April 17th – Students of Mirtha de la Torre (guitar), Alina Gonzalez (piano), and Josue Varela (piano/guitar)

Thursday, April 18th – Students of Yoanna Hernandez (piano) and Wendy Ocando (violin)

Monday, April 22nd Students of Javier Concepcion (piano), Tania Nuñez (piano/flute), Eglise Gutierrez (voice), and Jose Pradas (cello)

Tuesday, April 23rd – Students of Ileana Cortizo (piano) and Jose A. Guibert (violin)

Wednesday, April 24th – Students of Laura de Mare (voice) and Antonio Perigo (trumpet)

Thursday, April 25th – Students of Yirka Ledon (piano) and Norman Milanes (clarinet/saxophone)