Music Department News

After 26 years, Maestro Marlene Urbay will retire from her position as Conservatory Music Department Head. Maestro Urbay joined the CEA Faculty in 1996. In these 26 years, Maestro Urbay built upon and expanded Conchita’s vision of the music department and the possibilities of what it could achieve. Through her leadership, today the music department benefits from having twelve piano teachers and multiple string, wind, percussion, brass, and voice teachers. The CEA band grew into the CEA Orchestra, and our students have benefitted from playing in multiple venues, as well as singing and performing alongside the Florida Chamber Orchestra (FCO). 

Maestro Urbay has been invited to conduct various professional orchestras, as well as pursue several international opportunities and engagements. While she will no longer continue in her role as Department Head at the Conservatory, we congratulate her on her new ventures, and look forward to continuing to welcome her as a guest teacher, conductor, and to continuing to collaborate with FCO.

We are excited to announce that Yirka Ledón, current CEA Music Department Head, will expand her role to become Conservatory Music Department Head. Ms. Ledon has been an integral part of the Music Department for the past 12 years. She began as piano faculty, and grew as CEA music faculty, established and leads the Junior and Senior Music Masteries, has led and expanded the Summer of the Arts Music Intensive, and – most recently- expanded the CEA music classes to include orchestra instruments for all CEA students in fourth grade and above. Under her leadership and through her collaborative spirit, the Music Masteries have performed in multiple venues, traveled to New York, collaborated with the theatre and dance departments, and demonstrated consistent growth. Ms. Ledon’s leadership and roles in both the school and conservatory will provide the continuity and connection the department needs in order to continue to grow. We are very proud of Ms. Ledon’s work and accomplishments and have no doubt that the Music Department is in excellent hands to continue to be mejor, mejor y mejor!