Ronn Daniels Lifetime Achievement Award

Our warmest congratulations to Mr. Ronn Daniels, Conservatory Artistic Director and faculty member for over 40 years. This week, Dance Educators of America honored Mr. Daniels with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to dance and dance education. 

Over the span of his career, Mr. Daniels has been a performer, teacher, choreographer, as well as an author, director, creator of a system for teaching, and entrepreneur. He owned an directed five dance schools and served as director of the Fred Astaire Performing Arts Association. He also created competition formats and rules for judging, as well as serving as a judge himself.

As an internationally known expert in tap dance and jazz dance, Mr. Daniels traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Brazil, and Hong Kong.  Many of his students went on to impressive heights in movies, television, cabaret, theaters and as prominent teachers in numerous dance schools of their own and others. 

Mr. Daniels began teaching tap and jazz at CEC in 1982 and he has remained an integral member of CEA and the Conservatory since, having educated hundreds of boys and girls, not only to love and respect dance, but to be better human beings. Mr. Daniels’ kindness, creativity, and passion and dedication to dance and the arts continues to inspire the members of his community, and we are blessed to know him, work with him, and continue to learn from him.