OnStage NY Dance Competition

Congratulations to the dancers who competed in the Onstage NY Competition on March 19-20. Each dancer gave their heart and soul to their pieces and we could not be prouder. Thank you to Ms. Danella Bedford and Dr. Kenia Garcia Cabrera for their impeccable training, dedication, leadership, and the love with which they so carefully and thoughtfully prepare each dancer for the experience.

Below are the results from the competition:

As a school, we received an award for “Versatility” and “Backstage Good Sportsmanship.”

G- Gold

HG – High gold

P – Platinum



Emma Joudeh – G, 1st Place (ballet)


Hard Knock Life – HG, 1st Place in category, Mini Entertainment Award Winner

Rouge Et Noir – HG, nominated for Critics Choice Award



Evangelina Castellon – G

Emma Gonzalez – G

Kyara Gouveia – G (ballet and lyrical)

Abby Herran – GEllie Rodriguez – G (ballet and lyrical)

Camila Echevarria – G

Sophia Acevedo – GMarina Duran – G

Leah Fornaris – G (ballet and contemporary)

Lucia Ramirez-Guribitey – G

Chloe Veloso – G


Never Enough – P, 1st place in category, 1st place in Junior Groups, and 1st Place Overall in Junior Category, special award for “Elegant Power,” Junior Level “Critic’s Choice” Award and a free invitation to Nationals.

A Chorus Line – P, 1st Place in category, special award for “Concept”

Argy Bargy – HG

Alicia’s Charm – G



Catalina Vigil – P (ballet), 1st place in Ballet Category, 9th Place Overall in Advanced Teen solos (ballet), HG (contemporary), special award for “Artistry.”

Mia Toribio – HG (ballet and contemporary), 17th place overall in Advanced Teen Solos (ballet)

Amanda Vega-Pernia – P (contemporary), 1st Place in category, 1st Place Overall in Senior Solos, HG (lyrical) and 1st Place in category

Gabriella Cuesta – P and 5th Place overall in Teen Primary solos

Nicole Blasco – P and 1st Place in category, 2nd Place overall in Teen Primary solos

Alexa Veloso – P

Aliette Gonzalez – HG (lyrical and contemporary)

Janelle Fernandez – HG

Natalie Lopez – HG

Marianne Galindo – HG

Isabela Atienza – HG


West Royd – P, 1st Place in category, 1st Place overall in Teen Groups category, special award for “Beautiful Ensemble Work”

Onde D’amore – P

Chained – P

Hair – HG