Spring Virtual Music Concert, Tuesday, June 8th at 7:00 p.m.

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Tuesday, June 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Students of Ibette Acosta, Yirka Ledon, and Marlene Urbay

This concert will be available for you to stream on-demand for 24 hours after its premiere.

After the premiere, it will be available for purchase and download for $10 until June 24th

Participating students:

Ivan Acosta
Alejandro Alvarado
Valentina Aurich
Amelia Barredo
Nicolas Barredo
Christopher Cuesta
Alexa Del Castillo
Isabella Diaz Fernandez
Angela DiFalco
Jose Pablo Escandell
Miranda Escandell
Vincent Garcia

Emma Rose Gonzalez
Lucas Hernandez
Victoria Hernandez
Abby Herran
Kassandra Labiada
Camila Lapica
Sofia Ludovic
Zoe Lynch
Lucas Mazzini
Ryu Mendez
Alexander Moratinos
Adrian Rial

Tiffany Rial
Gabriel Robaina
Olivia Robaina
Joshua Rocha
Emilia Rossi
Diego Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez
Petra Rouzier
Pamela Sigler

Guest students in ensembles:

Felipe Diez
Gianna Goble
Anabella Ludovic
Haley Majors
Andres Moratinos