María Torres

María Torres (Madrid, 1967) began her study of classical dance under Karen Taff. She then furthered her studies at Victoria Eugenia Classical Spanish Dance school, also known at Betty, Carmen Cubillos, with whom she studied folklore and castanets, and Pedro Azorín. She studied flamenco in Amor de Dios under María Magdalena, La Tati, Ciro, and Mariano Torres.  At the age of 16, she launched her profesional career alonside her father, Mariano Torres, in Toronto, Canada. Upon her return to Spain, Ms. Torres is hired by Luisilla to dance in the famous tablaos, Los Cabales, Los Canasteros, and Venta del Gato. At the age of 18, Ms. Torres launched a tour with Mariano Torres’ Company throughout Andalusia and Japan. She has also performed with Lupe and Luis’ companies, as well as with Sara Lezaman in Havana, Cuba. Back in Spain, Ms. Torres has shared the stage with Antonio Canales in la Venta del Gato. She danced with Cumbre Flamenca Dance Company, directed by Paco Sanchez and toured Andalusia once more with Merche Esmerald’as company, among others. Ms. Torres teaches flamenco and castanets at Amor de Dios, Madrid, and in Académie de flamenco in  París.