Virtual Summer of the Arts

The 2020 Virtual Summer of the Arts was testament to the spirit of collaboration that has led to CEC’s success online. The Dance, Music, and Theatre Intensives experimented with a whole new platform and ignited their creative spirits, as they worked together to create a movie virtually. Ideas were proposed, solidified, researched, expanded on, and set into motion, and the result was a virtual summer program that extended way beyond each individual discipline of dance, music and theatre.

Dancers diligently explored their characters to give meaning to every movement and expression. Actors figured out the basics of camera angles and placement. Both actors and dancers grew to understand that art of the “green screen” as they converted their homes into movie production studios. Musicians perfected every note and created sound rooms within their home, assuring the quality of their music was optimum in order to provide the music for the production. Parents and siblings became stagehands, makeup artists and costume designers! Although participants did not share a physical space, the connection, growth, and unity of all involved were palatable