The Dance faculty at CEC aims to create a positive environment for aspiring dancers to…


Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts first began as a piano conservatory in Havana, Cuba….


The theatre program exposes students to the fundamentals of creative dramatics and foundational acting techniques…

Visual Arts

Conservatory Visual Arts classes take a classical approach to teaching drawing and painting. The program…

Martial Arts

Martial Arts has been a longstanding tradition at the Conservatory. Martial Arts classes include elements…

committed to developing and training young artists

Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts (CEC) is committed to developing and training young artists. Courses are designed to meet the needs and interests of students dedicated to furthering their natural artistic talents. Enrollment is open to the community and not limited to students from the Academy. Classes are also available for professionals and adults. Conservatory faculty is handpicked for their excellent teaching skills and superb reputation in their respective areas of expertise. The goal of each faculty member is to develop well-rounded artists in their students with excellent technique and a deep respect and love for the arts.

90+ Years of History

Since 1933, Conchita Espinosa Academy (CEA) has educated children with a unique philosophy and methodology developed and first put into practice by its founder, Conchita Espinosa, in Havana, Cuba. Espinosa believed that every child deserves and has the right to a complete education in the arts and sciences.

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Registration & Schedules

Conservatory classes begin on Tuesday, September 7th. All Conservatory classes will be held in-person. Masks are required for all classes and events held on the CEA and Conservatory campus.

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The Arts as Education

Fundamental to the Espinosa Method of education and ingrained in our philosophy is the belief that the Arts are essential to our students’ overall education and well-being.

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Experience Conchita

The Espinosa Method

“To reach a child’s soul one must know him, guide him and especially, love him.”

– Conchita Espinosa

The Espinosa Method

The Espinosa Method

The Espinosa Method™, proven effective for over 90 years, is the result of Conchita Espinosa’s educational philosophy layered with decades of experience that have contributed to the legacy of a transformational, forward-thinking educational experience.

Prestigious Faculty

Throughout the years Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts has been blessed with some of the best teachers who shared Conchita’s dedication to arts education.

Master Classes

Each year, select intermediate and advanced Conservatory students in various disciplines have the benefit of participating in master classes with guest teachers.

Educational Travel

Educational travel broadens our awareness of others and sharpens self-awareness, as students have the chance to gather firsthand information about the world.

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Our Facilities

Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts is located on the campus of the Conchita Espinosa Academy, comprised of 10 beautifully landscaped acres in southwest Miami-Dade County.

Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts houses four professional level dance studios, eleven music rooms, a comprehensive art room with a kiln, dressing rooms, and the Conservatory administrative office. The Rosita Segovia Theater, where many of the annual performances take place, is located in the Main Building of the Academy. The Rosita Segovia Theater has state-of-the-art music and sound systems, as well as a backstage to enhance all performances.

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Upcoming Events

Spring Music Concerts

The Spring Music Concerts feature the CEC music students across the department’s various levels. Concerts will take…

Spring Dance Concert

Friday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6thRosita Segovia Theatre The Spring Dance Concert is a celebration of…

Martial Arts Demonstration

The Martial Arts Demonstration is open to the families of currently registered martial arts students. Thursday, May…

K3 – 1st Grade Dance Open Classes

Parents of students in K3 through 1st Grade are invited to attend their children’s ballet and Spanish…

Spring Art Show

Saturday, May 13, 2023 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.CEA Cafeteria

Dance Juries

Dance juries are for dance students in second grade and above across all areas of dance. The…

Video Performances for Sale

Videos will be available for purchase and download for $45. 


Christmas in the Gardens 2022

December 9, 2022
A celebration of music and dance in the beautiful Pinecrest Gardens Banyan Bowl.

Estampas del Quijote

November 5, 2022
A collection of scenes and fragments of the beloved story of Don Quijote de la…

CEC News

Shake the Ground Competition

Congratulations to all of the dancers who participated in the Shake the Ground Competition in Ft. Lauderdale! Everyone…

Conchita Legacy Concert

As part of our 90th Anniversary celebrations, the Conservatory Music Department presented the Conchita Legacy Concert. The…

Spanish Dance Department at Jornadas Español Excelente

The Spanish dance department was honored to open the Jornadas Español Excelente Conference for Spanish language educators…

Our Alumni

Bianca Allanic Congratulations!

Congratulations to alumna Bianca Allanic for signing a company…


For 87 years, Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts (CEC) has maintained their commitment to the development of young artists. CEC offers students exceptional technical and artistic training within a nurturing environment that allows them to develop into human beings with a deep understanding, appreciation, and respect for the Arts. Enrollment is open to the community and not limited to students from the Academy. Classes are also available for professionals and adults.